Musicus Bortnianskii is a chamber choir founded in 1981 by Artistic Director and Conductor Myron Maksymiw to perform and promote the works of Ukrainian and East European composers of music for chorus and orchestra. The repertoire of Musicus Bortnianskii ranges from early Renaissance to Classical and 20th century music. Moving with ease among all these periods, Musicus Bortnianskii unveils the untapped wealth of music of Ukraine for the last five hundred years. Works by Dmytro Bortniansky (1751 -1825) and his contemporaries, Maksym Berezowsky (1745 -1777) and Artem Vedel (1767-1808) form the core of the choirs’ programme. The works of Western composers like Sarti and GaluppiĀ  who worked in Eastern Europe are also part of Musicus Bortnianskii repertoire.

Musicus Bortnianskii has been and is actively involved in music search and research, of previously lost or forgotten compositions of Ukraine, and to date has perhaps the most complete collection of early Ukrainian music (Partesni Konzerty, works by Bortniansky, Vedel, Maksym Berezowsky and others).

Musicus Bortnianskii has performed in Toronto and its vicinity, and in the USA for the Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine. It has broadcast on CBC National Radio and Television, and most recently on BBC Radio 3.

Musicus Bortnianskii has eleven recordings to its credit.